A story of completely true stories



"Courtney Abbiati is a force.  As she cartwheels through a broad range of  characters  with a growing intensity she looks like something that could be seen from outer space on a weather map." -Christopher Lloyd, Co-Creator & Writer, MODERN FAMILY

"Courtney Abbiati's "No, I Won't Take You To The Airport!" is a uniquely hilarious, heartfelt one-woman show that provides not only illuminating insight into Courtney's experiences...but also our own. Both entertaining and endearing, "No, I Won't Take You To The Airport," will have you laughing through your tears as Courtney, despite the title, drives us, the audience, through a captivating performance combining personal narrative and compelling characters. Go. It's an unforgettable joyride." -David Gould, Co-executive Producer, NASHVILLE

"Courtney Abbiat's stories are poignant, funny and true. A delicate and tough blend. Especially when a one woman show can handle them all while keeping you utterly engaged.” -Dito Montiel, Director, BOULEVARD

"No, I Won't Take You To The Airport!" is original, relatable, touching, and hilarious! Someone put this girl on TV, please.” -Angie Patterson-Muto, Actress, THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON

“'No, I Won’t Take You to the Airport!' is a funny and insightful show that has you laughing throughout and then leaving with smile as you reflect on a journey that you that you didn’t realize is your own.” -Mark Leets, CFO of LBI Entertainment

“Courtney's talent and ability to weave people thru various emotions through the course of the play completely blew me away. she is an incredibly talented writer and performer and I left feeling grateful I was able to see her in an intimate setting before she becomes something much bigger.” -Chris Clancy, Manager, 4 STRIKES MUSIC MANAGEMENT

“Courtney Abbiati is a true triple threat... beyond talented, funny as hell and ridiculously beautiful.  Her one woman show will have you laughing at her intelligent use of everyday nuances, crying with her as she shares vulnerable moments, all while wishing we had the courage to bust out in a full song and dance number without missing a single beat.  As she takes you through her journey of life and all of its emotions, you leave with one important feeling:  inspiration.” -Kelly Clancy, Manager, 4 STRIKES MUSIC MANAGEMENT

"I absolutely loved "No I Won't Take You To the Airport!"  Although Courtney was speaking of her own experiences, she could have easily been speaking of my own.  She made me laugh, and made my cry, and I left inspired to live to the fullest extent possible.” -Lisa Lapan, Partner, SOMETHING KREATIVE STUDIOS

"Watching Courtney expose her heart onstage like a jugular to a Vampire while summoning the voices of the various characters that interweave throughout her all too real second-hand embarrassment life, is food for the soul. The audience is left to wonder, 'What is it in me that hopes Courtney's future misadventures are just as fraught so I might be just as entertained in her next show?'" -Julie Benson, Writer, CW's The 100 and DC Comics Batgirl and Birds of Prey.